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Expert tyre puncture repairs in the Illawarra area

Have you had a tyre puncture in Illawarra? Illawarra Tyrepower can help. Your first priority is to find a safe place to remove the punctured tyre and fit the spare, making sure that you're out of the way of any traffic. If you need to, contact us at one of our locations and we'll do our best to help over the phone.

Your next priority is to get the punctured tyre repaired as soon as possible, especially if your tyre is a space saver or speed limited. You can tell if it's a space saver tyre, as they're generally smaller in size than your regular tyres. Contact us at one of our locations and we can give you some options for fixing the puncture if possible, or replacement.

Puncture repairs in the Illawarra area

There are still plenty of occasions when a perfectly serviceable tyre can benefit from a high quality puncture repair. Provided that there is no damage to the sidewall or the inner lining of the tyre, a correctly repaired tyre with plenty of usable tread can save a considerable amount against the cost of a replacement tyre.

Damage to shoulder is not repairable while damage to center of tread is often repairable

Before you get a puncture, you also want to make sure that your spare tyre is serviceable. It should be correctly inflated and have minimum 1.6mm of tread. If you would like us to check it for you, don't hesitate to drop by Illawarra Tyrepower for a free tyre check.

Experienced tyre technicians

The tyre technicians at Illawarra Tyrepower are fully trained in all aspects of tyre usage and technology. They are qualified to check tyres and accurately assess each individual case in order to ascertain whether puncture repairs are a safe and cost-effective option.

State-of-the-art puncture repair technology

We only use the most up-to-date, industry-approved methods for puncture repairs, along with the best available products on the market. Remember, we never take chances with your safety and we will never attempt to repair tyres unless we are 100% sure that it is entirely safe to do so.

When to undertake puncture repairs

Tyres that have been run flat or that are perished should, of course, never be considered candidates for any type of puncture repairs. As the size of tyres increases, they also tend to climb in price, which is often a deciding factor for the viability of a repair. If there is ever any doubt as whether a tyre is suitable for repair, it is strongly advised to err on the side of caution in the interest of road safety.

Contact the experts in tyre puncture repairs today for a free quote.

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